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Will its modern-day policy pass harm the Singapore property market

GuocoLand has established six strata-titled stores available in the 1,024-unit condo Sims Urban Oasis. The development is combined Sims Drive and has been finished in 2017. Investment revenue advisory Showsuite Consultancy is your sole advertising agent on the market.

In addition to the over 1,000 families at Sims Urban Oasis, the stores can cater to over 5,000 families in the local HDB property, along with 550 families expected to move in the neighbouring, recently unveiled Penrose condo.

Karamjit Singh, CEO of Showsuite Consultancy, states that the stores are best for new concepts like co-working cafes, to tap on the tendency of remote working due to the Covid-19 pandemic. “Singapore’s house sizes are comparatively streamlined, which points into the powerful use case. In the Singapore context, it might, obviously, be a co-working surgery fused with a conventional kopi joint,” he states.

GuocoLand is supplying the six stores to be obtained in clusters of two and four components, which will enable the new owners to benefit from bulk discounts, adjacent units, and significant mass in floor area. The stores are within two clusters with all the entrances into the evolution and can easily be available to members of the general public and condominium residents.

“Having a massive catchment and a handy place, the shops at Sim Urban Oasis are perfect for a plethora of company and solutions. We’re eager to provide our stores to partnerships and investors who will place the distances to advanced and encouraging applications benefitting our house buyers in Sims Urban Oasis,” says Dora Chng, general manager (residential) in GuocoLand.

The stores include 323 sq feet to 678 sq feet and have a combined area of 2,895 sq ft. Four adjoining stores can be found beside the primary entrance along Sims Drive, whereas both stores are in the side entry along Aljunied Road.

The typical price of these stores comes to approximately $3,000 psf on the strata places. That really is before a 21% bulk reduction, states Showsuite Consultancy.

No extra purchaser’s stamp duty is payable, and the buy is available to foreigners.