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“We haven’t decided about the HSR project itself, but it (Bandar Malaysia) will get an HSR channel,” explained Dr Mahathir after the signing of this Bandar Malaysia agreement in the Putrajaya International Convention Centre yesterday (17 Dec), reported The New Paper, mentioning The Star.

Malaysia Is Seeking To Reduce Price For HSR Project; Train Speeds To Be Performed

Dr Mahathir also said discussions about the HSR project’s resumption may occur in 2020, and Malaysia may think about scaling down to cut prices, which might see train rates reduced.

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“We’d love to spend less money with this job since it’s extremely pricey. Perhaps we must do a few adjustments so as to decrease the price, and decreasing its rate could possibly be a part of it,” he explained.

“It shouldn’t always be as quickly as 400kmh. If it travels that quickly, it may just speed all of the way to Alor Setar (northern part of Peninsular Malaysia). So we’ll start looking into what’s a more suitable rate.”

Back in December 2016, Singapore and Malaysia’s Barisan Nasional (BN) government signed a bilateral arrangement to construct a 350km high-speed railroad linking Kuala Lumpur and Singapore in an estimated price of RM110 billion (S$36 billion).

The lineup was intended to cut traveling time between Malaysia and Singapore to 90 minutes, and was originally supposed to have a terminus in Bandar Malaysia and yet another at Jurong East at Singapore.

On the other hand, the project was suspended when the Pakatan Harapan coalition occurred over Malaysia after it ousted BN this past year.

Both governments agreed to some two-year deferment of this job to 31 May 2020, together with Malaysia exceeding the city-state $15 million to pay costs of delaying the HSR line.

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