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Developers’ to Remain Careful in Aggregating Land in 2020

Neighborhood property developer Centra Group has established four freehold detached homes for sale from $11 million annually. Each bungalow includes a house elevator, a 15m swimming pool, solar power panels, and six en suite bedrooms.

The possessions are already finished and two will be offered completely furnished, allowing buyers to proceed immediately. They sit on plots ranging from 4,300 sq feet to 4,700 sq feet, and each boasts a built-up place from 8,000 sq ft.

A pair Are in 11 and 13 Vanda Crescent at Bukit Timah and so are near Sixth Avenue MRT Station on the Downtown Line. The bungalows sit on raised land and boast views of the fantastic Class Bungalow places at First to Sixth Avenue, the developer states.

The next group of bungalows can be found in the 6 and 6A Holland Grove Lane. They also sit on raised land and extend unblocked views of the property from the the front and rear of the home.

We had an enquiry in the well-to-do family seeking to purchase the set of bungalows for both kids”.